Guess what jumping in the water

Can you guess what jumping in the water? We have guessed everything from baby alligator, lizard, or a snake. The latest guess by the girls is a baby Loch Nes monster.

Finally, we able to sneak up on the jumping animals. They are turtles that were jumping in the water when we got to close. Michael got pictures walking Jack the other day.  They are the size of a dinner plate and we think they are snapping turtles.

Recap for the week

We got tow beach days in a row. It was in the ’80s here so we decided a beach day was in order. We mostly ran around and got soaked but we checked out the birds, sand, some shells. Of course, the dead jellyfish hanging out on the beach was the highlight of the day.

Next was math and pizza. I ordered a pizza and we talked about fractions and how two sides make a half. The girls discussed how if you had 4 people how many sections would you eat.  Mac was right and answered all the questions. She started making even more advanced equations and we talked about that pizza a hundred different way its made. Belle on the other had answered all the questions she understood but kept running away. She was so hungry she couldn’t stand herself but got the concept.

I did the same thing when we went to Red Robin for dinner that night with the french fries. Mac and Belle could do the math and split thing up with some help. Food math is much more fun worksheets because you get to eat it all when you’re done. We will do a video next week.

Art Work

McKenzey found a really cool bug. I helped her look it up on the internet and find out what it was. She learned some facts about it. Mac did so well, I paid her a whole dollar. She was so excited that we decided to do another project on pirates.

Here is the bug we found

Crane fly…