Magic School Bus science acid and base experiments

Magic School Bus is always more fun when two friends come over to help figure out the difference between an acid and a base. The first thing I did was boil water and red cabbage and strain out the cabbage pieces, to make an indicator solution to help us decide if the solution was an acid, base or neutral.
The first experiment was a taste test of 5 different substances. Our hint was that the acid solutions tasted sour. The five solutions were vinegar, lemon, water, baking soda, and cola. The girls thought the vinegar and lemon were the only acid solutions. As we read along with Mrs. Frizzle, we found out that the cola is an acid also but tasted sweet because it has a ton of sugar in it. All the girls were very reluctant to try every solution but they all did it for science.

The 2nd experiment we poured our cabbage juice in 6 different cups. Each girl took turns adding the 6 substances: vinegar – turned pink, lemon – turned pink, water – purple, baking soda – blue/green, lemonade – pink, cola – red/ brown. The girls thought it was cool when the acid solutions were added it turned pink, green solution was a base, and purple solution was neutral.

Next we took some dirty pennies and poured cola over them and amazingly the acidic solution cleaned the pennies.

Last we decided to blow up some coke by adding mentos – just for fun and of course since we got messy we had to go swimming to clean off.

These are some other pictures with another very good friend. The girls made art (which I forgot to take pictures of) and played dress up and made each other rock stars. It is always fun to have friends over and do what ever crazy thing mom comes up with…. thanks to all our friends.

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