Abercorn Archaeology

Abercorn Archaeology – it’s located off State Route 204 (Abercorn Extension) and the King George Boulevard interchange – turn left at Georgetown intersection and turn into Parker’s convince store parking lot and right behind the car wash is parking – look for the fence…

20130323-083106.jpgMrs. Rita was awesome and we learned so much about archaeology.  She showed us how they started off by taking a survey of the land and made tones of maps.  The maps help you know where you might want to dig.  She showed us all the places they had dug and some of the things that they found already.  Mrs Rita explained how they don’t keep anything and pay to send it off to get cleaned and put back together.  The girls asked lots of questions like…

How did you become an archaeologist?  What made you want to become one? What the neatest thing you uncovered? Why do you have to be so precise when you dig? I thought archaeologist never use backhoe, so why are  you guys using one?  Do you make maps as you dig?  If you find 2 pieces of a plate do you try to put them together?  How did you know these people were slaves?  Will you try to take a core out of the oldest tree to see how old it really is? How do you keep track of everything you find?  How old is the big tree?

Since we were the only 3 that showed up we had Mrs. Rita all to ourselves, so she happily answered all of our questions and tones more.  The most fun was going into The Archaeobus which was really neat!!  Then the girls got to try to put plates, pots and bowl together.  Played games to answer more questions about archaeology. I must say it was the best 2 hours of learning we have ad in a long time and the girls thanked me a lot for taking them even though it was freezing.  Mac that it was cool because it was so much like spy work just different.

If you get the chance because the best part is it is FREE and you can go 10:30, 12, or 2:30  here is the link: Abercorn Archeaology

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