A Hike to Stuart Falls with a moral lesson

Sometimes everything you learn in life is no found in a book or taught in a classroom.  Some lessons are taught by asking questions and finding out the answers and learning there are reasons for everything.  Let me explain….

IMG_5388We visited some friends we have not seen in years that live in Park City, Utah which is east of Salt Lake. We decided to take a hike to see an amazing water fall, Stuart Falls.  Normally they drive up the mountain to Aspen Grove Trail Head and take a short hike to the falls. We decided to stop at Sundance, which started as a rehab facility. It is now some of the best skiing in Utah and a retreat for directors in the movie industry.  We didn’t get to see anyone famous this time.

IMG_5386Since we had Jack with us we opted to not take the ski lift up at the start of the trail head.  We began our hike with not problems till we reached a large sign that said “Violators will be trespassing and prosecuted.” This of course made us think going down the path was a bad idea, none of us wanted to get fined or worse go to jail.  So we decided to find another way.  No luck, so we headed back to ski lift area.  After much discussion on the way down we thought the only reason the sign was posted was to discourage most from taking the trail and encourage them to paying for the lift. So with kids in tow I went and asked the ski lift guys some questions and with some talking around the subject and asking the right questions….. He finally said yes it’s to discourage most from taking the trail on busy days and so we can make money.  We all agreed to go back and take the trail mainly because of Jack (the dog).

Christmas in July

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IMG_0084The trail was amazing, a fun hike up 1500 feet in elevation.  Ok let me rephrase that….. It was a nice medium to hard hike up a narrow trail where I almost fainted.  I was very proud of myself and the kids for doing such a great job.  The hike was around the mountain on a narrow trail that was surrounded by nature.  The trail descends into the base of the falls and view is amazing. There is a small creek with lots of rocks where you can sit and cool off and enjoy a nice lunch.

Young Grasshopper should ask questions to find true meaning of sign before giving up.


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