3rd week of co-op

At our 3rd week of co-op  we started off by learning about contractions and doing a couple workbook sheets using contractions. Then the girls all wrote several silly sentences using them. We also started on learning the very beginning of algebra. Mrs Lori had a workbook that started with shapes and you had to figure out if both sides were equal. I used numbers to help explain it a little better and by the end all the girl understood the basics. After a little algebra the girls wanted to practice some multiplication tables. We used two UNO cards this time, and each girl had to multiply the two numbers they got and won M&Ms for correct answers. All the girls did an excellent job. Then we had lunch, played up stairs a bit and finished our day by coloring and drawing. Each girl took a turn being an art teacher where they taught each other to draw cats, dogs, dinosaurs, and landscape pictures.

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