2nd Week Full Time Families Summer Scavenger Hunt

IMG_5079It is the 2nd Week Full Time Families Summer Scavenger Hunt. The fun does not stop this week because we have another 26 crazy pictures to take. This week we have gotten our neighbor to help us. She is a sweet girl who is 10 years old and lives two campers down from our site. She has been at our house every day since we arrived. This is actually nice because the girls have been kept entertained. They also met a nice boy the same age that has loved having some kids his age to play with the even though they are girls!

Our 2nd week of the scavenger hunt has put us in the top 10 but not in the lead. This is fine because we have had a blast making fools of ourselves taking pictures.  The challenges have gotten harder but we succeed in finding them all again. YEA!

Check out week 1 of scavenger hunt

#FTFLD26 With a restaurant employee 500 – Our waiter at Red Robin — YUMM!! Jayson
#FTFLD27 With the manager of the restaurant 800 – Manager at Red Robin
#FTFLD28 At a table with a group of strangers out to dinner 950 – Complete stingers at Red Robin
#FTFLD29 Striking the same pose as a statue (with the statue) 450 – We threw in a little history and learned about Lincoln, Sacagawea, and Julia Davis Park
IMG_5007 IMG_5035 IMG_5048
#FTFLD30 Spelling out FTF with your bodies 700 Only took 15 tries to get it right
IMG_4978 IMG_4977
#FTFLD31 In front of a Volkswagen Beetle 800 – Doesn’t the pink one have pretty eyes!
#FTFLD32 A Hawaii or Alaska License Plate that you found during the week.. in a parking
lot somewhere (no substitutions) 950 – We found one on the first day!
IMG_4981 IMG_4980
#FTFLD33 With a mannequin (must replicate stance) 600 – I love embarrassing the girls!
IMG_4983 IMG_4982
#FTFLD34 Four-leafed clover 700 – He says this is why he has good luck all the time and because he is Irish/Scottish – don’t you love the straight hair??
IMG_4971 IMG_4970
#FTFLD35 An American $2.00 bill 500 – We saved these babies from our stick house.
IMG_4975 IMG_4974 IMG_4973
#FTFLD36 In a tent and it must be pitched 500 – tent at REI – I love this store!!

More clues found

#FTFLD37 With a character from the muppet 700 – Love Kermit
#FTFLD38 Blowing bubbles with bubble gum 200 – This was their favorite one
#FTFLD39 Something that says “made in the USA.” 350 – Spartan Knife made in the USA!
IMG_4965 IMG_4966

#FTFLD40 A cricket mallet 600 – Judges say they will accept completely different mallet – croquet mallet – which is a completely different sport

criquet 3

#FTFLD41 A foot long (12 in.) shoe 700 – Hubby’s size 10 shoes

IMG_4963 IMG_4962
#FTFLD42 A take out menu from a Chinese Restaurant 600 – Joy’s Garden
IMG_5067 IMG_5066
#FTFLD43 An origami object that a team member created (A decorative object made by folding paper) 500 – She loved making these!
#FTFLD44 A T-shirt from Arizona 400 – These t-shirts have been to or are “from”: Williams, Grand Canyon and Tucson, AZ (the Full-TIme Rally at Lazy Days) and Jack shirt was bought at Pet Smart in Tucson, AZ. #creative pass

#FTFLD45 Someone hanging upside down 400 – No one was hurt while taking these pictures

IMG_4987 IMG_4986 IMG_4985
#FTFLD46 A LED light 400 – LED Light on these amazing toys we sell – want to know more send me a message – Whistle Copters
IMG_4967 IMG_4995 IMG_5003
#FTFLD47 A reflection 300
#FTFLD48 Buying $0.10 of gas, receipt, and pump must show amount (Picture of receipt and pump price needed) 800 – Did it on the first try – I asked the lady in the office to set the pump 😉
#FTFLD49 Inside a Walk-In Freezer 700 – Girls said it was cold – 
IMG_5069 IMG_5068
#FTFLD50 A business card from someone named John 800 – John’s Auto Care Center— John thought I was nuts…haha

#FTFLDBONUS 2 Lazydays Bonus Web Search #2

Like to Fly, but really love to RV. Look for a special offer with a plane in it on Lazydays.com. Take a screen shot of special offer logo and a picture of family members flying paper airplanes for 1500 bonus points! We love to drive more than fly – it’s about the journey, not the destination!
fly awayIMG_4990

Not sure if we will continue because I think we are 300 points behind now and there is no way to catch up.

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