21 questions about animals

They learned how to play 21 questions about animals at their zoo class and have been playing it all day. One person thinks of an animal, then the other people have to ask 21 questions to try to guess what animal they are thinking of. They start by general questions, like does it have fur, lay eggs, live on land, have gills, is it a mammal, reptile, ….. you get the idea…. we played this all day today and sometimes we got stumped and sometimes we guessed by the second question.20121004-203231.jpg I also asked the girls to describe the four categories bird, mammal, reptile, fish, bird….

I am so proud – Belle finished her book. I gave her a sentence to start with – I woke up Halloween morning and it was raining candy….

20121004-203231.jpg 20121004-203242.jpg 20121004-203248.jpg 20121004-203255.jpg

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