blow something up

Hey mom, since we have been learning about volcanoes all week can we try to make a volcano and make it blow up !!! We finished our ugly cake pops, which turned into uglier cake balls. I think more candy got on the girls hands than on the cake balls. I say as long as we’re having fun, who cares!! Last we finished up with a little pool math…

Pool Scrabble

Pool scrabble All you need is $2 and 10 minutes buy 2 packets of sponges at the $ store with 9 sponges in each pack Cut each sponge into 6th You need total of 99 tiles – 2 blank Here is Link to letter you need . I threw all the squares in the pool, the girls got so excited they jumped in and got all the squares out. After they calmed down we used the volcano words to play scrabble. Over and over I threw in the squares, the girls jumped in the pool, got them all and then Continue reading

Ugly Cake Pops

Ugly Cake Pops They may be ugly but man are they good and fun to make. What you need. Cake mix Frosting Candy wafers Sticks Wax paper Cookie sheet Helpers Bake a cake – follow directions Cut cake into squares and place a huge bowl Have your helper break the cake up into small pieces Put frosting in bowl Have your helper mix the frosting and cake with your hands Dip your hands in water so they don’t stick to cake mix Roll into ball and put on cake pan with wax paper on top Put sticks in balls and Continue reading

Ursula escaped volcano

Ursula escaped from a Volcano called Ursula jail or Erta Ale, located near the red sea. That’s what Mac said when I read the name of the valcono. We got our science packet from magic school bus on volcanoes. So Michael thought the girls should do a little report before we jumped into the science stuff. The girls watched magic school bus on volcanoes, looked up facts on the Internet and then did video. Mac’s was a news report about how Ursula escaped and incorporated her facts into the video – really funny. Belle did a great job on her Continue reading

diving sticks, swimmers, pool

A whole hour of swimming and practicing math. Yep this is how we get tested on our math…. Play games and see who gets the answer first, oh yea and swim at the same time. The game was for speed…. Take two diving sticks, throw them in the pool Yell out a problem, we were working on multiplication, Person 1 has to answer the question, correctly, then everyone jumps in the pool and get the sticks before they hit the bottom If wrong it goes to next person and only that person gets to jump in and get both sticks Continue reading

best place – start learning about history

In your hometown of course, so we went and took a tour of Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace. It was really neat and there was a ton of information about her. We were only allowed to take pictures outside of the house. We then found 3 historical signs that we read and have started our historical sign scrapbook. We found Dr. MW Caruthers (The first American novelist) the First Baptist Church, and James Edward Oglethorpe. We read the signs looked at the buildings and statues.

Giraffe lick -nose

These are the pictures McKenzey took….. Giraffe tongue feels like a cat, rough and prickly, and it’s as long as my arm and purple, Yuck! Belle got licked by an animal from Scotland that look like Justin Bieber and it was smooth and tickly. The girls got to go on a car tour with the grandparents. They learned all about old cars, rode around in the old cars (Pierce Arrows)all over Georgia, feed animals talked to lots people about their cars. They had a blast and the best part is MOM got a 4 day vacation (yeah Me!) These are Continue reading

animal – sixth sense

What animals has a sixth sense? The platypus of course, it can see everything even if the other senses aren’t working. Mac watched the Krat Brothers today and she explained it a lot better…. Mac then watched a movie about worms, got so excited she looked them up on the Internet and our big huge animal book. I had no idea worms were so cool! Belle watched a video on honey badgers ….