Francis Scott Key

McKenzey read a book about Francis Scott Key to Isabelle and I today. I had the girls do video after to tell us the facts that they learned about the Star Spangled Banner. We also panted bird houses that we got. This was an awesome project because they were entertained for a good hour and half.

Neapolitan Eggplant Permaesan

Neapolitan Eggplant Parmesan   or Eggplant pizza We made eggplant pizza because McKenzey said she had never had eggplant – so found the easiest recipe online and we made it.  Here is the link… Watch the video to see how its made …. and it was so yummy….not sure if we will make it again – but it turned out pretty good

Pirate Putt Putt math

We learned all about angles, points, lines,  by playing pirate putt putt. We went through one time completely and then McKenzey had to go potty so we went the second time through twice, we skipped ahead a lot of people.  The girls both got holes in one so the nice owner gave us 2 free games.

Fun Free educational apps

We all know how I like free and fun apps for iPad so here are some I found this week…  click take right to the download – Fairway Solitaire HD by Big Fish (Full)- this one is just mostly fun but very addicting…. Britannica Kids: US Presidents- Free for limited time (think it’s still free – otherwise 2.99) can’t find link to this one Math Puppy – Bingo Challenge Educational Game for Kids HD- addition, subtraction, multiply, divide – ok not best but free Motion Math: Hungry Fish Pro- Belle loves this – addition, subtraction, negative numbers    

Bamboo garden

The girls and I went around and checked out places that we could have McKenzey’s birthday party. So we went to all the playgrounds in savannah and parks. Well not everyone just 3 and then to the Bamboo garden. We want to do a scavenger hunt/ chase a leprechaun. We picked the bamboo gardens and since we were there checking the place out I decided it would be a great time to learn something. The gardens have over 140 varieties of shade and sun-loving bamboo. We also looked the butterfly garden, camellias, and irises, unfortunately none of the flowers were Continue reading

Art, Legos, seahorses – David Beckham

Mirror mirror on the wall who has the prettiest mirror of all…. I say dear girl, It’s hard to choose when they are both as pretty as you… Belle read a book on Seahorses and here are her facts… McKenzey read Belle and I a book on David Beckham…. So here are all the facts on him and some soccer facts also….. The girls also made a pirates of the Caribbean Lego set. We took turns finding the parts and putting the pieces together. It took us about an hour to put all four pieces together then the girls played Continue reading

Happy valentines day

Chocolate strawberries and bananas….. This is the world’s easiest recipe, All you need are….. Strawberries Bananas Chocolate white, dark or milk Wax paper Plate, cookie sheet or platter Optional (sprinkles, shopped nuts, choc flakes, etc) Wash all your fruit before you start melting chocolate and cut away any bad spots Take your chocolate. Squares or a bag of chocolate Cook them in the microwave for 30 sec Stir Cook another 30 sec – and you should be ready for dipping Repeat till smooth and Then dip till your hearts content Tip…. If the chocolate gets hard just add a teaspoon Continue reading

More science

Last night before we went to bed we worked on our pirate ship… We are finally on the second book and did 1 – 25. The girls took turns finding the pieces and building on the ship… I will be so happy when this cool pirate ship is done. We watched Beakman’s World today, it was a movie we got from the library. So we did science projects all day and did some more experiments toward our science badge for girl scouts. The first one was an air pressure experiment… This took a couple tries but I think we got Continue reading