Oatland Island

For our field trip this week we decided to go to Oatland Island. It turned out to be toddler Tuesday so the lady at the front desk suggested that it would be more fun for us to walk the trails on our own than to go on the tour with the toddler group. We ended up walking half the park. As we walked I would stop and read the signs that told about each of the animals. We had so much fun walking in the woods and exploring. The wolves started howling at lunch time and the eagle in front Continue reading

Camping- Camp Lowe

Isabelle and I went camping with her girl scout troop, and we had so much fun. All the girls got up at the crack of dawn and meet at Camp Lowe for the day to do lots of fun activities. The girls made paper dolls, Jacobs ladders, painted flower gardens, and learned some fun dance moves. We celebrated girl scouts 100th birthday with a fun party that included crowns, hats, pearls, bubbles, and lots and lots of noise and cake. The girls were so tired we went back to the cabin and bed, after lots of giggling and some silliness. Continue reading

More French, math -money

McKenzey made another 100 on level 2, belle was another story. Isabelle got really mad and frustrated at the computer so I decided that she should take a break and try again another day. Both girls also did khan academy also, I love that site. McKenzey is working on multiplication 1.5 which is 123 x 2, which is giving her a run for her money but I think she is getting it. The girls also watched the 3rd kid biz movie, what can you do with money. There are four things you can do with your money, save, spend, donate, Continue reading

Biz kids

The girls watched a video by the biz kids that we got at the library. This one was the second video in the serious and talked about transactions. The biz kids are really humorous in the way they explain everything and the girls really enjoy it. The girls cut up all the fruit we bought at the grocery store. They did most of the cutting which was very scary for me. We got strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, pear, peach, and apples. We took pictures before we put them in the dehydrator and discussed what would happen while they were in the Continue reading

Book review mushrooms

Last night the girls thought it would be fun to read a book before bed and in the morning they would do a review on what they read. McKenzey read a biography on Sacagawea, she only read the first 7 pages but I was just happy she has started reading on her own. Belle read I love you my little Bunnies, she read to her stuffed toys and dolls and said they loved the book so much that they wanted her to read it again tonight. We also read our library book on mushrooms. This time I mixed it up Continue reading

River street -Tara boat

Today we went down to River street to see the Tara ship that came into Savannah. It was really, huge science boat. The boat was aluminium on the bottoms and had non slip material that’s on race boats over the whole deck. We thought it was a lot bigger up lose but there was no one down on the dock to answer our questions and explain what they were doing. Isabelle had about 50 questions ready to ask and was very upset that we could not even get on the boat to explore and see all the neat science stuff.  Continue reading

Exploring marsh

Today we were going to go and see the Tera Oceans ship come into River street, but the girls decided they rather take a bike ride instead and go on Sunday with daddy. Sunday we may be able to get on the boat and talk to the scientist and go to the candy store. I think the real reason they want to go on Sunday is they really want to go to the candy store. The objectives of the Tara Foundation is to finance French scientific research dedicated to studying the impact of global warming on our ecosystems, to sensitize Continue reading

Color girls hair

Last night I saw a really cool video on how to color the girls hair, you take small sections and temporarily color them different colors using chalked pastels. The basic idea is to take chalk (she suggested pastels) and dip or spray the chalk with hot water and take a small section of hair and in one smooth direction paint the hair. It works ok but we also found color sticks by crayola that only cost $3 and work just as well if not better. You can also take a curling iron or straitener to set the color. It only Continue reading