21 things to do in Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois, Wyoming /ˈdjuːbɔɪz/ dew-boyz/  is one of those small towns that is full of cowboy charm and a great place to visit.  It is only 80 miles from anywhere (according to the locals) and is a great base camp for visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Titans National Parks. Only 971 people live in this small, quant town year around and if you ask anyone they would love to keep it that way, or least the older generation think so. It is an authentic western town located along the Wind River, rimmed by the Absaroka and Wind River Mountains.

21 things to do in Dubois, WyomingWe worked camped (you get your site for free with water, electric, sewer and cable and then make an hourly fee for every hour you work) this summer at the KOA in Dubois, Wyoming and loved it.  I was actually surprised how many things there were to do around this little town and we found 21 things to do in Dubois, Wyoming.

20 things you can do in Dubois, Wyoming

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  1. Hiking is always fun to do when you are on vacation.  The great thing about Dubois is there are tons of  hiking paths and beautiful scenery.  We hiked up the Glacier trail, which is best done on horse back (1/2 days walk with horses), so we only hiked for about 3 hours a little past the waterfall and turned around.
  2. Horse back Riding – Munchy favorite thing to do while we were here in Wyoming was to take a horse trail ride at Cedar Creek through the Painted Mountains.
  3. Yellowstone National Park – was a huge highlight and one of the reasons we took the job to work at Dubois KOA.  We visited Old Faithful, Lamar Valley (hundreds of Bison), saw a few geysers, water falls, and did a lot of hiking.  This is a must see before you die but don’t forget your America the Beautiful Park Pass.
  4. Grand Titans National Park  – was a bonus because from Dubois you have to go through this park to get to Yellowstone. The scenery and mountains were just as breath-taking as Yellowstone and a bit closer for a bit shorter day trip.
  5. Jenny Lake You can do the very long 11 mile hike around like we did our take the boat across for around $9 per person and then hike half way back.  Make sure you are early in the morning to miss the crowds.
  6. National Sheep Center Museum  –  This little gem is very inexpensive and you can learn a lot about the big horn sheep, Shoshone, Indians and you may even see them heading up the mountain at the beginning of the summer.
  7. Dubois Museum – this museum is free to everyone and is right next door to the sheep museum.  They have several classes for kids during the summer which are also free and are lots of fun to attend.
  8. Flint Knapping – we had the opportunity to meet an amazing artist, Tom Lucus, that showed the kids how to do flint knapping.
  9. Kayaking and Canoeing – Many summer activities are offered to the kids and adults by Wind River Visitors Council.  We had a blast kayaking with 20 others and a local hero, Joe Brendal, who will be on “Naked and Afraid” sometime this year.
  10. Rock Climbing – the girls took a class with 15 other kids and learned how to rock climb in the school’s gym wall.
  11. Fishing – we had more fun that you could imagine fishing at one of the best spots near Dubois, Brooks Lake, with our work camp friends.
  12. Square Dancing – Every Tuesday during the summer square dancing is only $3 for adult and $2 kids 12 and under.  The girls loved coming and meeting all the tourist and were better than most by the end of the summer.
  13. Sacagawea grave site – is a great thing to learn a little history and see something you would never see otherwise.
  14. Rodeo – Every Friday night in Dubois, they put on a Rodeo with barrel riding, bull riding, steering wrestling, kids games, and is fun for the whole family.
  15. Boys and Girls Club – the girls became part of the club during the summer and were able to meet some of the local kids, work at the rodeo where they got paid $2 an hour, and Munchy even got to attend a horseback riding camp where she was gone for 3 days without her sister.
  16. Dubois KOA – is where we worked all summer, they have an indoor pool (heated to 82 degrees), free horse rides for the kids, cowboy music, dog park, amazing work campers, and for Full Time families (please show your card) No kid Tax.
  17. Animal Viewing – overtime we went for many rides and saw wild animals like: Bison, Grizzly bears, moose, fox, prong horn antelope, ground hogs, squirrels, deer, big horn sheep, and many more.
  18. Jackson – is a great place to visit to do a little shopping, visit the farmers market on Saturday in the summer, art fair once a month and lots of great restaurants. Just remember to bring your wallet it is very pricey.
  19. Lamar and Rawlins are two great cities that are also great to visit. They are only 80 miles from the town of Dubois and they have a great museum just as you enter town that is FREE
  20. Hot Springs  – Visit Hot Springs State Park and swim in warm water in Thermopolis, Wy.  It may smell bad at first but the water slides make up for it.
  21. South Pass City – a town that could have been the capital of Wyoming but is now a ghost town, and where you can pan for gold or gems.

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  1. We’ve been following your posts ever since we camped next to you last year in Sandusky, Ohio. (You helped us get our stuck slide back in, lol). Anyhow, we were in Dubois this summer too, but didn’t stay at the KOA. We stayed down the road at the Long Horn Ranch, and loved it! Love Dubois, especially the Cowboy Cafe, which we frequented more than we should have, lol. Glad you had a great experience there.

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