Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time

This is how Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time. We don’t use worksheets or take tests. The best way to learn is by making learning fun.

We now have two eggs in our little basket. Today the girls put a bird feeder full of birdseed. They wanted it right by the basket so the mommy bird would not have to far to go to find food.

As Unschoolers learn we learned multiplication by taking a walk or riding our EZ-roller all the way to the marina which was over 2 miles.   We worked on, five, six, seven and eights. So, far Belle is really getting the hang of it and now she is really doing much better on her addition.  Mac, on the other hand, is doing awesome, now we just need to work on division!!

Then the girls did Khan Academy, my new favorite site, and both worked on Telling Time.  Mac did some addition and multiplication.  Belle had a few problems with telling time. So, Mac decided they would play school and work on telling time. Believe it or not, she actually got the hang of it and when we went over everything she got all right.   I love the site, Khan Academy and they even have a free app for the iPad, WOW!

Then the girls did some manual labor – hahaha(that was my evil laugh) This is why we have kids… so they can sweep and blow the deck off for us…..

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