12 fun activities to do with Legos


We have been stuck in our little house on wheels because it has been raining for the past couple days so the girls decided they would do legos.  The girls came up with 12 fun activities to do with Legos and started our Master builders and did 4-6 designer books to make cars, spaceships, space station, robots, and a house. The girls had so much fun they are asking Santa for robots that they can control with SCRATCH – a free programming language for kids.

We came up with 12 fun activities to do with Legos

  1. Practice Fractions
  2. Use Lego Math
  3. Follow Directions LEGO® Master Builder Academy Robot & Micro Designer
  4. Lego Maze
  5. Build a Lego Race Car
  6. Make a Lego Catapult
  7. Science – Build the Periodic table
  8. Math Challenge – Symmetry
  9. Make Simple Machines with Legos
  10. Christmas Ornaments
  11. Make a Balloon Powered Lego Car
  12. Get your Lego Master badge at DIY.org

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