15 places your kids really want to visit in Downtown Savannah, Georgia

This time we wanted to share 15 places your kids really want to visit in Downtown Savannah, Georgia. Going home to your hometown is always fun to play tourist.  We love seeing our old hangouts, friends we have missed and learning a little history about the oldest city in Georgia. Savannah was established in 1733 along the Savannah River and later became first state capital of Georgia.  Our favorite places are along the Savannah River (River Street) which is lined with 200 year old cobble stones. To learn more about Savannah history click here

img_0756-1Parking – Insider tip:  We suggest parking at the end of Bay Street, Price and Bay to be exact, where parking is only $1.00 an hour and you can stay as long as you like.  River Street is a short walk down the stairs. Map

Henry’sstart your  morning off with a yummy breakfast at Henry’s.  We have known the owners for years. He and his wife treat you just like you are part of the family even if it is your first time.  They offer salad bar for lunch during the week and breakfast bar on the weekends.

Historical Markers and Monument – My kids have become accustomed to us stopping and reading the historical markers any time we see them.  We don’t stop at everyone but it is a great way to throw in some quick history that they might remember. Also try to see the WWII museum and freedom statue to learn even more history about Savannah, GA.

img_0764-1Wild Wings – This is one of our favorite restaurants because of the wing platter. You can get 25 wings for $20 and the wings are some of the best we have ever had. Most places out west give you a crispy wing and then a thick sauce for dipping.  Wild Wings goes one step further and actually cooks the wings in the sauce so not only are the crispy wings, that taste amazing, but they are supper yummy.


Vinnie Van Go Go’s The place is has huge pieces of pizza, and I mean huge. You can order the pizza by the slice or order a whole pie.  This a great inexpensive place for lunch or dinner and the kids will love it.

Byrd’s Cookie Company -bite sized confections of yummy goodness. They just opened a store in City Market where you and the kids can try as many different kinds of their famous cookies as your heart desires.  You won’t be able to leave the store with a least one bag of these little yummies for the ride home.

Savannah Candy Kitchen – They have five locations but our favorite are in City Market and the one on River Street in Savannah. The kids will enjoy watch the cooks make fresh homemade southern candy, get samples of fresh made praline, popcorn, chocolate popcorn, or try gelato and I don’t want to mention the endless bins of candy.

Jere’s Antiques – There are so many antique stores in downtown Savannah is hard to keep track. Jere’s is one of our favorites because of how much neat stuff they have in their huge store.  They have three sets of stairs that lead up to three different areas with even more antiques.  It is fun to look at all the furniture and dream about what we would have in our make believe mansion.

River Street Sweets –  if you want to see an even bigger smile on your kids face then please don’t take them to River Street Sweets.  The towering row of candy tubes will blow you kids mind. My kids like the samples of pralines, and taffy they make every time they visit, not to mention the gophers, and Pecan Divinity.

Savannah Bee Company Learn about how honey is made, try some of the best tasting honey in the South and get body care like locations, hand cream or lip balm.  The kids love going into the store and tasting all the different honey, the employees are very knowledgeable about all things bees and honey and will answer any crazy question you ask. Like: “Are we really just eating Bee spit?”

Shell ShopEvery kind of shell you can think of from tinny tiny to great big huge.  We love looking at the shells, coral, gifts and fun wooden sandals. The kids can’t leave without buying at least one shell and there are so many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from.


River Street MarketThis small out door market reminds me of New Orleans or Charleston Outdoor Markets but on a much smaller scale.  They have store with bags, shirts, spinners, wooden engraved frames, jewelry, and gifts that say, “Savannah”.  We love walking and talking to all the vendors and looking at the various gifts.


Woof Gang BakeryAnyone that loves animals will love making a short stop at the doggie bakery. We lost our beloved dog, Jack, about a year ago and now have cats but we love visiting anything with doggie.  They make homemade doggie treats, or you can pic up a few toys for your furry friends.  Bonus when there is a dogs in the store the kids can pet.

Get Air – This is not actually downtown but we had to include it because we have been here a dozen times in the last couple weeks.  The girls started their adventure (and ending it) by meeting several groups of different friends at Get Air, our new favorite gang out.  For the low price of $27, two kids can jump for an hour but you have to buy fancy jumping socks if you don’t have them already ($2 apiece).  We loved this place because it was five minutes from Red Gate Farms. Tip: go during the week if at all possible because it can get very busy on the weekends (we waited an hour one Saturday).

Red Gate Farms – One of the nicest campsite we have stayed at in a while. The staff is very friendly, sites are large with full hookups (W,E,S) and the internet is pretty good.  We went to the  clubhouse to do school work.  The trail takes you around the grounds and past the famous Mackey House.  Lots of history on this farm and a great place to have a beautiful wedding or family get together. Oh and don’t forget the pool, playground, ducks and geese, horses and horse trail rides.

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