10 Benefits of learning archery while traveling

Archery is one of those sports that you can do anywhere and we have come up with 10 benefits of learning archery while traveling.  Unschooling is about finding things that interest your child and encouraging them to pursue other interest.  For instance, Huggs loves anything to do with art and crafts, and has painted, made polymer clay jewelry, cardboard furniture for her dolls, clay animals for her dolls, sewing, and trying every single art medium available.  She finds videos on her iPad and teachers herself.

10 Benefits of learning archeryMunchy on the other hand is not s self motivator and a lot of time I have to encourage her to try different things.  She does loves all the math projects we do, mesmerized by fashion, and loves helping her father work on the RV.  Last year for Christmas she received an archery set and has really enjoyed it.  She has loved practicing so much that we just bought her an archery set that she can use for the rest of her life to shoot targets and hunt (if she ever wants to).

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Munchy explains 10 Benefits of learning archery while traveling:

  1. Anyone can do it
    Anyone can shoot a bow and arrow even those with severe disabilities
  2. Teaches you about safety
    I am very careful when shooting my bow because it can hurt someone and I alway have a lookout person
  3. Improves upper body strength
    I  hold the bow and I practice by holding weights up in the air.  If you want to get better you have to build muscle in my upper body.
  4. Improves self-confidence
    I love it when I hit the target and the better I get the more I want to practice and tell everyone how much fun it is.
  5. I have great focus
    I have notice that I am more focused and have greater attention skills.
  6. It is a very social sport
    I have met a lot of people since we have started traveling and even more as we go to different ranges to shoot.  Everyone is always willing to help me and give me some guidance on how to improve.
  7. It is an inexpensive sport
    I bought a bow recently that will last me a life time and all I have to buy is arrows every so often.
  8. It is an indoor or outdoor sport
    I love shooting outdoors when its nice and sunny but I can also shoot indoors for free most places (till I am 16) when it is raining.
  9. Practice anytime of the day
    Since, I am homeschooled I can practice as much as I want.
  10. I is very competitive
    Once I get really good I can start competing all over the world and even go to the Olympics if I want.  Right now I love just shooting but I am excited that it could be an option one day!
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